If the universe has a soul

It chose to paint itself upon your canvas 

With a vibration so strong I can’t help but shiver everytime you smile 

Like Lazer beams of healing light 

Your eyes shine out into the world 

Hugging broken hearts and kissing inner children on the head 

Reminding me that it’s okay to be 

To be my own work of art

Reminding me that we can never be far apart 

For underneath what our eyes can detect

We are in essence made of the same life breath 

And Ill admit i could spend forever 

Grazing my fingertips across your stitching 

Memorizing the details of your make up 

The colours of your canvas

Tanning in your light body

Diving in

But I don’t think that’s where I’m meant to live

For you are so much more than just the details

You are it 

You are beauty in motion 

Like the waves of the ocean you eb and flow 

And I 

I want to just sit back and admire. 


To make the words flow

I gotta let go

Tune into my mind mine

And sift through dirt for gems tho

I got some straight flow

Shine bright 

You it Indigo

Y’all know what I’m saying

You be in my tribe tho

I’m gonna spit it

I’m gonna hit it

Right up the backside of your heart

I’ll leave you spinning

On my straight fire

I got desire

To change the world 

The only way I can conspire

Yo let’s get higher

We float the ethers

We travel space

We gonna crack the matrix code up in this place

 We gon create

Gon meditate

Cause inward is the portal to our happy place.

Color my soul with your smile, stranger 

Making even my words sound like mush

Between the hands of a child 

Forming mud into little snakes between their palms

Hoping not to crawl away but instead

Crawl inside

Inside my crysalis heart 

My crystalline veins

Pumping butterfly juices 

Into my catterpiller shape

Crying out from the scrapes 

The bruises the breaks 

Colour my soul, stranger 

A smiles all it takes

I tell you

Gimme a beat and I’ll drop some lines

This freetsyle thing ain’t even flow from my mind 

It comes straight from above 

Lightbeams so divine





Through this concept of time

Transcend my brother 

Sister, float above the troubles

That your life may seem to be

Sometimes, it seems

We are a creation of something

But that don’t matter 


no you see

For at our core we are minerals

Built of light and energy 

Like the amethyst you string 

Across your neck and everything

Crystal grids

To harness energy 

Create, creators

Wait, and you’ll see.

Live and just be

The Art of Walking on Water: lessons from the waterbug

​I grew up in fairly rural New England. I was surounded my whole childhood by water; rivers, lakes, ponds, streams and all the wildlife that happened to call the water their home. I have always identified strongly with the element of water and the vast metaphors to be seen within its nature. As a kid, one of my favorite things to observe along the shores of the river I grew up on was the water bug. Jesus bugs as I would call them as a kid due to their natural ability to perform the miraculous. These little guys could literally WALK on water. How cool is that? Especially in the wide eyed viewscape of a child!

Today, I am now 25 years old and find myself sitting along the sideline of a lake outside Austin, TX with my eyes, for the first time in a long time catching sight of a waterbug skirting along the top of the water. I see the waterbug as the same miraculous creature I did back when I was a child—but this time my mind can’t help but find beauty in the amazing display of trust the waterbug has in itself as it doubtfully and gracefully glides across the top of the water with ease. I think to myself how diffiult of a feat its been throughout my own life to simply just trust in myself and smile at the organicness of the waterbugs ability to do just that. I think to myself that there is so much to learn about life by just observing creatures of nature simply exist within their evniornment and today my lesson comes from the observation of the waterbug.

First off, a waterbug certainly isn’t the cutest of bugs. I mean, really—if one of these little guys were crawling around through my bed in the middle of the night with its long skinny legs and tall fragile body the last thing I’d  find myself wanting to do is snuggle up close to to it or tickle it’s little belly. It’s not the kind of bug that kids go around trying to capture in jars full of grass to keep around for viewing pleasure like a lightning bug or lady bug. (I am not condoing bug jailing—but you understand where I am going) However, the waterbug, regardless of human based asethic coding is made PERFECTLY designed in order to walk on water. 

The way in which a waterbug is able to walk on water is pretty cool when you break it down. Basically, water molocules are polarized. This means the atoms that make up water are charged both (+) and (-). Basic mathamatics teaches us that opposites attract and so in this polar make up of the structure of water there is a born strength and high surface tension. Essentially, water is bound together through a natural state of yin and yang. Now, the waterbug uses a simple act of flexibility and balance to master their most grand of acts. They are provided through birth with hundred of little tiny hairs upon their long legs that are essentially able work like buoyus and keep the bugs “grounded” along the surface of water. This makeup along with the bugs ability to shift their balance to adapt to the everchanging ebb and flow of the water is really all there is to their magic trick. In essense, the waterbug is natures natural yogi! What a fountain of wisdom there is exploding from organic nature of the waterbug! A lot is to be learned from these little guys if you really look and maybe that is something I subconciously recgonized as a child as I could spend hours simply just watching them walk. 

Throughout my life, I have met a few people like the water bug. The type of people that seem to walk through life with a simple and admirable grace that literally just feel like a pleasure to watch exist. After careful obersvaion and a lot of convesation I think we too can live a life like these people. If we simply learn to live like the water bug—we too can master the art of walking on water (at least metaphorically, for now) 

The world, when broken down is polarized much like water. There is yin and yang, light and dark, positive and negative and although we are adept to ascribing this polarity into the categories of “good” or “bad” I argue it’s not quite that simple. (+) and (-) are interdependent in their nature, they rely on one another. They find strenth in their connection whether on a micro level of physics or on a macro level of simply being challeneged and overcoming. In order to gracefully navigate our way through this polarized world we must first fearlessly accept the polarity around us. We must accept the yin and the yang of being a human on this earth if we want to exist with ease on this plane. This has proven to be a challenge throughout my life as often times I like to reject the bad and hang onto the good. However, this does nothing for our balance and it displays nothing but a lack of trust in ourselves!

Much like the waterbug and it’s gift of its tiny hairy legs—we too much trust in our organic abilities. We are divine in our makeup and created with all the natrural tools we need to walk effortlessly through this world of shifting polarity. Though our egos make us feel apart from “nature” we must remember that our DNA is very much A PART of it. When we start trusting in ourselves and lose fear, we in turn lose doubt. Nothing in the natural world doubts its divine nature, that is total ego, total human stuff. If the waterbug doubted its ability to talk on water—there would be nothing special about it! Like the waterbug, we must conciously start trusting in our ability to walk through this world until that concious choice disolves all fear and we can unconciously learn to simply be. 

It’s not just the legs of these bugs that give them their special powers. Just as it is not just soley our divine nature that enables us to live wholehearted lives. Everything takes a little bit of work on our part. Remember, the waterbug is a master of flexibility and balance as well. Waterbugs are amazing at shifting their weight to the state of their envionment in order to attain balance. Let me repeat that: shifting their weight to the state of their envionment in order to attain balance. That my friends is the key! That, my friends is a yoga in itself. Much like the flow of water, the world is unpredictable—ebbing and flowing, seemingly carrying us along for the ride. What the waterbug has chosen to do is exist as an extremity to its envionment; much like an arm or leg on a whole body. Picture the flower of life: we are all one flowing organism no matter how separate we feel. We must stop trying to control the movements of our envionments, of the “water” in our lives, and instead learn how to master the art of shifting our metaphorical weight to attain balance above it. We must learn to walk on water! The waterbug has no concern with where the ripples of the pond have been nor where they are going. The waterbug simply just listens to its body and acts with balance and flexibility- never afraid to shift its weight. 

When you really break it down, there isn’t actually anything hyper special about the waterbug. It relys on trust, balance, flexibility, and flowing as a part of its envionment rather than separate from it. All in all, there is a lot to be learned from these little Jesus bugs and the mastery of their craft they have so effortlessly perfected. Maybe if we learn to follow their lead—we too can master the art of walking on water. It might be easier than we think. 


Ezra was the kind of kid adults couldnt understand.
He could never sit still in class
That boy he never washed his hands.

For as long as Ezra could remember he was soothed by sky and space
Sometimes his mind would wander so far away it was like it was in a different place.

The grown ups would always say things like,
“Boy,  go on,  get your head out of the clouds. ”
“Earth to Ezra,  earth to Ezra,  earth to Ezra come back down! ”
He couldnt help but wonder,
“Why are grown ups so obsessed with the ground? ”

Ezra,  oh he wondered
That boy he wondered a lot
His mouth was always asking,
“Why? ”
Because his head was so full of thought

Though unfortunately for Ezra
A lesson he learned very soon
The only thing adults fear more than the sky is obviously and apparently a child asking, 
“Why? ”
So it wasnt long before Ezra was labeled a kinda “bad guy”

Ezra wasnt bad in the way he lied or cheated or stole
Ezra wasnt bad in the way hed make your secrets told
Ezra was called bad because his brain worked kinda different
And different is kinda scary when all everyone wants to do is just fit in

Ezra he would sit and he would doodle UFOs
One time he even spent a whole day trying to touch his toes
Hed climb anything in front of him
He face painted with a grin
His imagination is what took him places
It was the thing that made him,  well,  him

If there was even a chance of “getin in”
Ezra would already be inside
He say and really believe things like “anything is can happen if you try! ”
He had no notion of impossible
Ezra lived life shooting for the sky

Now Ezra didnt care too much about what people said
He followed his heart,  he always did and he knew all his real friends
But it wasnt until that hot summer day
That Ezra met Ellie and everything changed…


Ellie had grown up in a different time and place
She understood the universe and every creatures place
She didnt look the same as everyone so she tried her best to hide
Away from all the “aliens” stilled ruled by judgey minds

Ellie was from a place thats kinda hard for me to describe
Unless you really open up and let your imagination take you on a ride
Ellie was from a place that we cant even visit yet
Id tell you the name of the galaxy but youd be likely to forget
Ellie had been sent here to study aliens on earth
To observe the ways they treat eachother and maybe help them learn

She was evolved in a way of loving and living
Few humans had learned yet
Her father was a space cadet on a misson to save planets who had somehow seemed to forget

Ellie lived in a spaceship hidden behind a tree
Her favorite part about humans as how oblivious they could be
Theu couldnt fathom believing in something they couldnt physically see
But nearly all of them were unware of how limiting eyes can be

Ellie, she was able to see the wold in 360 degrees
She could feel in color
Leave her body
She could taste emotions in her dreams
And to her the most beautiful parts of life were the ones she could feel, not the ones she could see!


Now one day Ezra was out walking
In the woods behind his house
He was feeling extra adventurous
He thought, “it might be fun to get lost somehow!”
So for the first time in a long time Ezra veered right off the trail
Like a genuine explorer that he read about in his fairytales

The boy was having fun for hours
Climbing trees and skipping rocks
Until he looked above his head and saw the sun was nearly lost
Dusk was creeping in and his explorer heart beat fast
Ezra knew he was brave by light
But without a flashlight he was certain he wouldn’t last

Ezra tried to trace his footsteps in the way in which he had arrived
But as the sun set quickly in the sky
The moon rose above him high
Poor Ezra couldn’t see clearly now
As the tears swelled up his eyes

He wanted to be brave like he knew he was inside
But he was scared all by himself
His throat had grown a lump so big
The poor kid hung his head and cried.

And just as all hope seemed to leave
The forest rang and sang with a BUZZ
BUZZING from the sky.
A light oh so bright took over all
And it illuminated his whole sight
“Woah!” Shouted Ezra at the blinding blue sky light

For what he saw up in the sky
He’d doodled and dreamed of a million times
It was a UFO flying high above
with a real life alien inside!

“Hello human child of earth”
He heard through his own head
It was like his brain was speaking to him
“It’s called telepathy” the voice said
“Aliens can talk within our heads, but if you’d prefer I can just use regular words instead.”

Then out of craft danced miss Ellie so glad
To finally be able to interact.
“What a beautiful night in the forest to be lost!” She sang as she danced and pranced
She did curtsies and bows, she hummed a silly tune really loud
She said,
“My name’s Ellie” and she outstretched her hand
“I’m Ezra!” he replied
His heartbeat pounding with delight

Beat, beat, beat
Bop bop bop
Ellie giggled and she laughed
“You my little man, could use a friend.”
She said, “come human, take my hand!”


Ezra didn’t know to much about miracles and such
But he knew that this kinda thing doesn’t happen often
So he followed his hearts hunch

“Okay…” he said
As he took her hand
“But mom was expecting me back two hours past lunch…”
Ellie beeped and she bopped
“Time’s such a human thought, huh?”